National Teachers

Jacob Punt

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Travelling between Amsterdam and Shanghai) will teach in the Netherlands on and off - experience 23 years

Wim de Jong

Wim_americana_ok_201105.JPG  294237_2368341734637_6876560_n.jpg  Wim_lopend_ok_201105.JPG

El Cabeceo - 15 years experience

Franc Duking

f6376.jpg Franc_Duking_met_bloem_lachend_portrait.jpg Franc_Duking_sandwhich_close.jpg

Amor de Tango - Facebook -  experience 15 years

Rob Nuijten

rob-jol-practise-det200.jpg rob_gab_carre_250.jpg rob_sonja_250.jpg robkop2004_09_03_180jpg.jpg 

Biografie - experience 23 years

Koos Volkers

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Biografie - experience 16 years 

National team

Regular teachers Our great team of experienced tango teachers can look back to at least 12 till 20 years of teaching experience, dancing experience may range until 25 years. All of us have a backgrond in body work to guarantee seamless didactics that can reach all kinds learners amogst the students. Our philosophy is that there are no students with 2 “left legs” but the teacher is always to blame, never it’s the student’s fault.

  • "Jacob Punt (living in Amsterdam and Shanghai) will teach in the Netherlands on and off"
  • "Wim de Jong from Haarlem:" El cabeceo
  • "Franc Duking from Utrecht:" Amor de Tango

Incidentally other Dutch collegues or travelling teachers from Europe will join in to offer a broad panorama of Tango Argentino to our students.

latest news

Terms and Conditions Tango Holidays

Terms and Conditions for our Tango Holidays for students

FIRENZE (ITALY) workshops

Yvonne Meissner: workshops february 2013

HAARLEM: Illigitimate action /

Using our texts with copyright at Yvonne Meissner / Eduardo Aguirre for own site.... annoucing teacher Ricardo Maceiras / El Pibe Sarandì who refused to work with ever again.

Tango holidays

Tuscany 27/5-5/6.2016: 9 days/8 nights half board of BODY/TANGO/ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE MEETING. Happy to welcome Caren Bayer famous Alexandertechnique teacher from NYC to get our bodies ready for spirals in tango..... Outodoor local milongas in Pisa, Florenc…

ASIA tour: march / april 2013

Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune

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